Founder’s Product Cheat Sheet: Find Your Match

20 Mar, 2024

Welcome to my quick hits’ cheat sheet. I made this post to help people who are not sure what they want to try and/or are looking for validation on what the different products will provide them. 

Cannabinoids are a wonderful and powerful ingredient when produced at a high quality. Blaze n Chill products are produced in a state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical-grade facility that is GMP certified and FDA approved in Oregon. All ingredients are natural and sourced exclusively in the US.

Below is a fun breakdown of your potential experience when trying Blaze n Chill’s different products.

  • Get Locked In w/ Lion’s Focus
    • My favorite, Lion’s Focus, helps you take on life's goals like a superhuman! Meet your productivity partner - from work to sports!
  • Epic Adventures w/ El Jefe
    • For those who want to adventure like a boss, El Jefe is your answer.
  • Conquer Your Day w/ Matcha Energy
    • The cleanest energy boost powered by 2,000mg of pure matcha balanced with select cannabinoids that support your gut and mind. Get your day started right!

  • The Good Times Life w/ Lazy Dayz
    • Your best friend when partying. Have a Lazy Dayz as your first drink to set the stage for a fun evening with less hangover the next morning.
  • Perfect Evenings w/ Take It Easy
    • Skip the red wine or whiskey to take the edge off that makes you feel like crap in the morning; instead, sip on a Take It Easy with ice and seltzer to glide into your evening with a smile.
  • Vivid Dreams w/ Dreamland
    • Chasing that perfect REM sleep score? Have you met Dreamland?

Please keep in mind that everyone’s experience will be slightly different based on your tolerance, body weight, the water you drank that day, the food you ate, how active you were, and more. This is why we offer 6-packs, it gives you a chance to try out the products and feel the impact as well as share in the fun with your friends and family.

Thank you for your interest in Blaze n Chill and I hope you find a product or products that enhances your daily routine.


Matthew Murray

Founder & CEO